The Power of HDR

Here we'll demonstrate how HDR can be used to work around tricky lighting conditions without additional physical aids (e.g. graduated ND filters) and show what the before photos and final product look like. Below we have a high contrast scene where the sky has bright highlights that in order to capture would require making the foreground almost entirely black. To deal with this we take 5 photos at different exposures to capture each and then merge them digitally in Lightroom to produce a composite.

Here are the original 5 photos taken using bracketing mode on a Leica M240.

-2 stops

+2 stops

-1 stop

Normal Exposure

+1 stop

Here is the initial HDR merge from Lightroom without any further editing.

Here is the final version after additional editing in Lightroom and Photoshop to bring out the details and colors a bit more.